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hi friends i got more blog tricks,and secrets from this blog

Making a blog at blogspot

Blog Setting

How to backing up template

How to backing up widgets

How to changing template

Make a Post Summary (Read more)

Blog Comment send to @mail

Adding search engine to blog

Making a drop down menu

Add google talk to blog (1)

Making a News Paper Style Drop Caps

Adding Recent Post & Recent Comments

Adding Yahoo!Massenger icon

Adding Google talk (2)

Adding yahoo! Massenger Emoticons (1)

Fix error "Widget IDs should be unique"

Making a Table of Content

Adding shoutbox

Adding user online tracker

Adding Statistic & tracker

Adding digg button to post page

Upload image to image hosting

Making a Logo and image button

Adding Favicon to URL address

Adding a Clock to blog

Removing the number of label

Making drop down menu with same width

Making a marquee effect

Adding Video from YouTube to blog

Install Onion Emoticons to post editor

Changing width of shoutbox

Making Dtree menu at blog

Making animation photo

Split header became 2 column

How to adding aphoto to blogger

google pages : free file hosting from google

Free tool : HTML Color V1.4

Blogger Archives Dropdown Menu At Classic Template

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Adding Live Treaffic Tracking Tool to blog

Adding image beside post title

Install More-Smiles to post editor

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Built your readers commuity with mybloglog

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Free Tool : Scott box shot maker 2.0

New feature from

Embedded comment from under post

Adding image banner to your header blog

Save widget below of the header

How to make Element below of the header

Tips to add column on new blogger layout

Tips to make multi column on blogge template

Google bookmark

Blogger features

How to make a link into colorful winks

Change the width of the drop down archive

How to make blur effect in the photo or image : free unlimitted file hosting

Making left and right sidebar

Knowing frame order

Who link to my blog

adding smiley in shoutbox

Tips to delete image border

Making label cloud in new blogger

Navigation tutorial: Dynamic-FX Slide-In Menu (v 6.5)

Making scroll in page elements

Making contact form

Making label in dropdown menu

Tips to delete the message of blogger search result

How to register in search engines

Making post summary at classic template

Making text area

Making read more plus title of article

Making writing with web 2.0 style online

How to modify Comment form

How to change width of template

Add real time technorati rank widget in blog

Add google Toolbar

Add alert Script in blog

make random header banners

Let’s enjoy blogging with Window Live Writer

Question and Answer about Windows Live Writer (WLW)

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Make Column under Header in Magazine Template 2

Free Software: PHP and html Editor

What is Alexa Rank?

Tutorial on adding Alexa Widget in Blog

Free Icons For Website and Weblog

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Showing Top Commentators in Blogger

BlogUpp! : Alternative to look for the traffic

Google pages is closed

tutorial on making horizontal navigation

Fix favicon not appear

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Making blog in magazine style template

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Incresing visitors with meta tag

Make slide show tab view menu

Zoom effect With Fancy Zoom Script

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Hiding Older Post and Newer Post Link

HTML code appears in posting

Images in Marquee Code

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Making Different Posting Background

Placing Google Adsense Under The Posting

Showing Special Characters in Blog

WordPress Plug in – PHP Contact Form v.2.0WP

Free Tool – CSS Menu Generator

Free Tool – CSS Tab Designer

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Sign up in feedburner

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Micro blogging with Twitter

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Installing google translate widget (2)

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Wordpress Plugin: Wordpress Database Backup

Tips for fast Download in

Why my blog loads very slowly?

Use Google Analytics to analyze your blog

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Ping Your Blog with Ping That Blog

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Free Social Bookmarking Script

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