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GET PAID FOR SHARING videos,pictures,blog posts at FLIXYA

Posted by Goutham Baratam | Labels: | Posted On Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 2/12/2011 08:41:00 AM

Flixya is a social networking website in every sense. But it’s different from most of the paying social networks out there which pflixyaays you a percentage of their revenue. On Flixya you keep the 100% of your revenue!! Flixya doesn’t pay anyone, but allow users to add their Google Adsense ads on the pages owned by the respective users. And users keep all the earnings generated by those ads themselves. (Sign up and there will be a link just below the menu which helps you to set up your Adsense)
How Adsense works on Flixya:
         After setting up your Google Adsense successfully, Flixya will display your ads on your pages. ‘Your pages’ means the pages which contains your videos, photos and blogs.
You can directly upload photos and write blog posts on Flixya. But Flixya doesn’t have a video upload service until now, instead they allow us to embed videos from almost all popular video sharing websites (YouTube,Google Video, Veoh, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Revver etc.) which makes it even easier to create video pages on Flixya.
Share, share and share again!
It’s all about sharing. The more you share, you’ll have more pages which gives you more chance for getting some clicks and bucks. So all you have to do is to embed some great videos, upload some awesome pictures and write some killer blog posts everyday to get some real bucks from Flixya. For me, Flixya didn’t worked well for a long time! but when I put some real effort, the results where much better and Flixya earnings where reflected on my total earnings.
Taking benefits from Flixya without an Adsense account
I was banned from Google Adsense some time ago (because I accidently crossed their TOS, it was due to my lack of knowledge about the program then and I’ve read their TOS and all other stuff on how they works, after getting banned!!). But I still use Flixya and also pull out some benefits from them. I’ve written a post on ‘Get paid sharing videos on Revver’ and you can make use of Flixya to generate more earnings on Revver (you don’t need an Adsense account on Revver). All you have to do is to embed videos from Revver to Flixya (make sure to enter your ‘Revver Affiliate ID’ while embedding Revver videos on Flixya). So now you’ll get more views on your Revver videos via Flixya, which will gives you more ad impressions and ultimately more earnings on Revver. Anyway, this will not give you high income on Revver, but if you consider it seriously, you can easily add a few more buck in your Revver account at the end of the month.
Happy sharing, happy earning :) 

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