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Orkut trick : Software Orkut cute 9.4.27

Orkut Cute came to be with the intent to ease the access to your Orkut account. With it you can easily access your account and quickly check your scraps. The program automatically logs in to Orkut creating an icon on the Windows system tray. All it takes to access your account is a double-click on that icon.

It also allows for you to send scraps to all your friends at once.

You can set up the program to warn you whenever someone sends you a scrap.

- You can create several standard messages: they are stored in a database, so that you don’t need to type them all over again.
- You can choose to which friends you want to send your message
- Macroreplacement unique system. By placing the identifiers $nc$ or $nl$ anywhere on your message, they will be replaced by your friend’s name once the message is posted.
- By activating the “random messages” option the program will search messages randomly on its database everytime it posts.

This way you will be able to create several messages and each of your friends will receive a different message.



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