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            Get free traffic it means you can get visitors to visit your website or blog freely without paying anything. Right now on the web there are million tricks to get free traffic to your website or blog. But some ways may cause your website or blog has been banned or penalty by search engine. Especially from giant search engine is Google. So how to get the right way to build free traffic to your website or blog without getting any barns or problems from the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN or others?

    Getting free traffic online is easy but it's not a day process and it does take time and dedication but it is worth if you seriously want to earn money online. Please remember that when you start building traffic to your website or blog "build everyday 1 backlink to your website, 1 month you will get 30 backlinks and 1 year you will get more than 350 backlinks".

    One of the best tricks is submitting your website or blog to a biggest search engine is Google and it's free. With this way you can bring in hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day freely to your website or blog. When you submit your website or blog to Google, please try to wait patiently while Google index it. It can take a few months. But in this time you can build more backlink or update your articles or you can do the same way by submit your website url to Yahoo, MSN, etc.

    Don't just wait for seeing your website or blog index by Google or other search engine. But you can do many things for your website or blog such as building more backlinks from doing some comments on the other forums or some web directories (but don't forget to leave your url there).

Get Free Traffic System:

1. To get list in search engines, just submit your website to

2. Submit your website to Search Engines and web directories:




  40 search engines:

  Top 20 search engines: New

   Search Sight:

   Web world:

   Submit Biz:



   Directory Storm:

   Info Tiger:

   Cyber Web Search:

   Arakne Links:

   Sonic Run:


   A1 web directory:

3. Sign up your website with free traffic's credits (don't buy credit and don't use this method if you are using Google AdSense). Not recommend.

4. Sign up with some social networking sites such as or

5. Sign up a Twitter account if you don't have one and connect with your Facebook & MySpace.

6. Sign up a blog with to join with to instantly transform your Twitter account into a traffic hurricane to your blog! Don't forget leave some backlinks in your blog to your website. Let's see topic "Traffic from blogs".

7. Finally, go to traffic from twitter to twist your social networks with twitter.

Beside the above free traffic system, you also can get more and more free traffic to your website or blog from our 3th topic "build web traffic" such get free traffic from twitter, youtube, blog and more.

Free Backlinks Submitter:

       Below is the list of backlinks free web directory that you can submit your website to there without reciprocal link. So you can get free backlinks to your website to increase your Page Rank more for better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and finally you Get Free Traffic.







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